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In 2007, Google began scanning streets to create what is now Google Maps Street View. Consumers and businesses alike have benefited from Street View’s ability to provide additional visibility and connectivity. 

The next step in Google Map’s vision builds on Street View and will greatly change how businesses are found and ranked. 360 Tours for Businesses. Consumers now have the ability to virtually walk into the business, look around, and along with the reviews and photos, make the decision to visit or contact the business. As large as Google is, they need help from experts such as Real Estate Views to create these 360 Tours and submit them to Google Maps for approval.

What Does Google Say About 360 Tours in 2022 and Why Every Business Should Have One?

Optimize Your Business

Real Estate Views offers businesses Business Listing Optimization or BLO for short. Just as with Search Engine Optimization, businesses on Google Maps are ranked by factors that directly impact how visible they are and they stack up against the competition. This service includes coordinating with the business on how to best present their physical location, virtually on Google Maps. In addition to creating a custom 360 Tour, we provide high-quality images of the business and submit everything to Google Maps for approval. In 24 – 48 hours, the 360 Tour and new images will reflect on Maps and boost the business’s exposure.

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Contact us today to learn more about BLO and how to increase your ranking on Google Maps. Want information on pricing? Click here to visit our Pricing section. If you have a custom request or a very unique business location, we’d love to hear from you and provide a free consultation anytime.